Hūxī Couples Retreat

Helping couples reawaken, recharge & reconnect.


Day & Weekend Retreats:

- Couples Yoga with a certified instructor

- Connection centered partner dance lesson (even with two left feet!)

- Dynamic counselling sessions

- Time for reflection/journaling

- ‘New Beginnings’ ceremony

- Personalized workshop

- Hospitality in our cozy mountain home

- Delicious meals

- Hiking and snowshoeing trails nearby

First of all.

We understand that when couples embark on a retreat journey, often their only options are with many other couples, as one on one can be intimidating and there can be ‘safety net’ in large groups. We are intentionally offering something different, something unique: Bringing the feel and flow of a retreat into the comfort and beauty of our own home, with a more thorough and personalized approach that is tailored to you, the couple. We bridge the retreat experience with You focused care and attention. You may come to Nelson, BC for many reasons: the hiking, the skiing, the ambiance, the lakeside, the hot springs, but when you come spend a day or two with us, you’re getaway will be more about recharge and reconnection.

What we’ll do.

Upon your arrival we will welcome you to our home. You will be lead through a mindfulness practice preparing you for a guided Hatha yoga session that will provide a sense of grounding and centering in the midst of our cozy cabin home. After, we will move into a light counselling session together. Lunch will be warm and delicious: homemade soup, salad and sourdough along with tea and Kambucha, overlooking the mountains. In the afternoon, we will lead a 'new beginnings' ceremony, following a workshop on renewal and integration; we will explore techniques around creating connection and communicating boundaries, as well as other themes that are suited to your needs. We will finish with a fusion dance class offered by an amazing local instructor! Our intentions are to provide opportunity for reflection and conversation around the challenges of making space for personal and relational growth, and 'practicing love' amidst our daily routines. Our goal is to help you integrate your experience with us into your everyday life. All activities will be held in the comfort of our living room or in our funky lounge room. Weather permitting we may be outside by the campfire heating s’mores or bannock over the fire, or while sipping tea under the gazebo. We will leave time for journaling, reflection and simply taking in the surroundings.

What else you should know.

This experience can be tailored to your needs. We have opportunities for day retreats, overnight stays and weekend retreats. Please see our rates page for details.

We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions. Home made soup and sourdough is on the menu!

We will have coffee, tea, and refreshments, as well as homemade Kambucha.

We will provide yoga mats and props if guests have not brought their own.

What to bring.

Weather appropriate clothing/shoes

Some preferred snacks

Comfortable clothes for yoga and dancing

Journal/writing material

Yoga mat

Socks to glide across the dancefloor!


All that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you are still it will find you.


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